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Nobel Laureates in Search of Identity & Integrity : Voices of Different Cultures

In this collection, ten Nobel Laureates from five continents give various and startling perspectives on current questions about modernity and tradition, unity and diversity, integration, identity, integrity, gender and sexual roles in a multicultural world of change. It is also a book on self-confidence and presents different ways to self-knowledge and cultural individuality.

Introduction (A Hallengren)
Two Worlds (V S Naipaul)
The Enigma of Arrival (V S Naipaul)
Writing and Being (N Gordimer)
Nadine Gordimer and the South African Experience (P Wästberg)
A Single, Homeless, Circling Satellite — Derek Walcott (J Mjöberg)
The Antilles — Fragments of Epic Memory (D Walcott)
Naguib Mahfouz — The Son of Two Civilizations (A Hallengren)
Autobiography (P White)
Patrick White — Existential Explorer (K Hansson)
A Case of Identity: Ernest Hemingway (A Hallengren)
Voice of Sardegna — Grazia Deledda (A Hallengren)
Autobiography (A Sen)
Tagore and His India (A Sen)
Nelson Mandela and the Rainbow of Culture (A Hallengren)